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Migrating websites to another server overview

Migrating websites to another server overview


GreggHost offers a variety of hosting plans for you to choose from when it comes to getting your website online. You might want to change your hosting plan as your needs change over time. This article walks you through the steps of migrating your website to a new hosting plan.

Migrating a single site to a different server
You can migrate a single domain by creating a new account on the new server, then switching your site to use this new username.

When you pick this new username, leave the checkbox Move files to the new user? selected. When you save your changes, all files will be moved to the new server. For more information, see the following article:

Moving a website to a different server
How long does it take the user data to migrate?
This is dependent on the amount of data to be copied. When you save your domain settings under the new login, your website data immediately begins to copy to the new server. However, depending on how much data you have, this could take 30 min or many hours.

Will I need to modify my FTP client’s hostname when connecting?
Possibly. There are two hostnames you can use to connect to your website:

Using the URL of the webpage
Making use of the servername
You’ll be logged into the server GreggHost has assigned your site if you connect using the website name.

If you’re using the servername, you’ll need to change it to your new one. For more information, see the following article:

Obtaining the FTP hostname
DNS propagation after migrating
There is no downtime while migrating between two GreggHost servers because the data is duplicated while the previous server continues to serve the website. During this 4-6 hour period, however, you should not work on your site. This is due to the possibility that your modifications will be applied to the old site rather than the new. You should not continue working on your website until the DNS has been fully changed.

If your domain does not use GreggHost’s nameservers, you will need to manually update your DNS records at the firm that hosts your nameservers.

In your panel, you can see all of the DNS records put up for every site you host with GreggHost. Please keep in mind that any DNS change will require the records to propagate online.

For more information, see the following articles:

Overview of the Domain Name System
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