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GreggHost Panel Notifications

GreggHost Panel Notifications

Panel Notifications


Important notices regarding your websites and GreggHost account are sent to you via the GreggHost Panel notification system.

Notifications are used in the panel’s Guided Roadmaps to achieve the following two goals:

Assists you in setting up your website for the first time.
Following the submission of information about your site’s content and usage on qualifying domains, you will begin getting notifications that will assist you in your online journey.
The sections that follow explain each Notification that appears in your panel and what it implies.

Panel Notifications Suggestions

Suggestions are specific to your website and might assist you in improving your content and SEO strategy. Suggestions may include the following:

Website comparisons are when you compare your content to that of other well-known websites.
Content and SEO improvements: Changes you can make to the content and appearance of your website to boost its search engine visibility.


Warnings alert you to prevent problems with your domain registration, website, or GreggHost account by taking proactive measures. The following are examples of possible warnings:

Domain registrations that are about to expire
Reminders from ICANN on domain registration verification
AutoPay credit card expirations for automatic payments are coming up soon.
Secure certifications that are about to expire
Alerts are a type of notification that informs you of any urgent concerns that may be affecting your website. This could include difficulties with your website’s stability that need to be addressed right away. The following are examples of alerts:

Due to a lack of ICANN verification, domain registrations have been halted.
Domain registrations that have run out of time
AutoPay has a list of expired credit cards.
Secure certificates that have expired

Frequently asked questions

What are the locations of notifications for other domains, products, and services?
Panel Notifications is constantly being updated with new features, products, and services by GreggHost. Only domains that meet particular criteria will appear in Notifications for the time being.

Without login into the GreggHost Panel, how will I know if I have a Notification?
Suggestions are now only accessible in the panel. If you want to check for new Notifications, you’ll need to log into the GreggHost Panel on a regular basis.

Email notices are sent out for issues that cause Warnings and Alerts. If you are not receiving email notifications, double-check that you are the owner of the GreggHost account and that your email address is correct. For more information, see the following article: