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Professional Microservices

Professional Microservices

Professional Microservices


GreggHost offers a number of services for making configuration changes that would normally be handled by a developer or website administrator. If you need adjustments to your site and your developer isn’t available, GreggHost’s Professional Microservices team may be able to assist you.

Please file a ticket on the Contact Support page explaining the specifics of your request, including the domain and professional Microservice you’re interested in, to request one of the GreggHost Professional Microservices listed below.

All Professional Microservices, as well as their associated prices, are mentioned here.


Changing the URL of a WordPress site Price: $19.99
The GreggHost support team may modify your WordPress site URL for you if you have changed your domain name or are converting to a https-enabled site.

Contact support to seek a WordPress URL change. Please specify the old domain/URL and the new domain/URL you’d like to use in your message. The GreggHost support team will respond to confirm the $19.99 charge and the work that has been completed.

$19.99 for a WordPress update
If you’re using an older version of WordPress and are concerned about having difficulty switching to a newer version, GreggHost support can help.

All themes and plugins from the official theme and plugin sources can be updated by GreggHost support.

Contact support to request a WordPress upgrade. Please specify the URL of the site you want to improve. The GreggHost support team will check your site to ensure that it fits the eligibility standards, and will respond with a confirmation of the $19.99 payment and the work that has been completed.

Database optimization for WordPress is $19.99.
A WordPress database can gather unneeded overhead over time, slowing down your site or affecting its performance in various ways. If this happens, GreggHost can help you optimize your WordPress database.

Contact support to request that your WordPress site’s database be optimized. Please specify the URL of the site as well as, if possible, the database that has to be improved. The GreggHost support team will examine your website and database before confirming the $19.99 service fee.

WP XML / Demo Data Import Price: $19.99
GreggHost can import an XML backup of your site data (from or elsewhere) if you have one.


Values in php.ini that you specify
Cost: $29.99
php.ini variables for different PHP-based programs may need to be changed in your site’s phprc file. If you’ve never made these adjustments before, they can be complex and difficult to accomplish on your own.

Submit a request to change your php.ini values to support. Please send a link to the system requirements for the program that needs to be altered, as well as the site and specific adjustments you desire. The GreggHost support team will go over your request, the work that needs to be done, and then confirm the $29.99 service fee.

The cost of importing a MySQL database is $19.99.
If you’re importing data from another site or hosting provider, you’ll probably need to import a MySQL database into your GreggHost account.

Contact support to request the import of a MySQL database. Include the location of your.sql export as well as any additional information you believe the team may require while importing the database. Your request will be reviewed by the GreggHost support team, who will confirm the $19.99 price for the service.

Installing third-party software
Cost: $29.99
If you wish to use a third-party web application but don’t know how to use the command line (SSH), GreggHost Professional Services may assist you with the installation.


Price: $19.99 for DNS Adding Custom DNS Records
GreggHost support can assist you in setting up a DNS record in your GreggHost account to point your domain to another server or service.

Contact support to request that custom DNS records be added to your GreggHost account so that you can use other services. Please mention the domain name as well as the DNS entries that need to be changed. Your request will be reviewed by the GreggHost support team, and the $19.99 fee will be confirmed.

Migrations of websites
GreggHost has a number of choices for assisting you with your website migration. For additional details about GreggHost’s migration options, see the following article:

Services for website migration


External SSL import for customer Price: $19.99
The GreggHost Professional Services team can assist you if you have an external SSL certificate and are unsure how to correctly paste it into the GreggHost Web Panel.