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Security panel page overview

Security panel page overview


You may control the following security-related components of your GreggHost account from the panel Security page.

Change Password

You can update the password for your GreggHost panel in the Change Password section. This is your login email and password for

Multifactor Authentication

authentication with several factors
When logging into your GreggHost panel, Multifactor Authentication offers an extra degree of security. For more information, see the following article.

Overview of Multifactor Authentication

Change Secret Question & Answer

If you ever lose access to your account, GreggHost support may ask you a security question.

IP Locking

If you enable IP Locking, you’ll be able to access your account only from the IP address you’re now logged in as. You must use the same IP address every time you log into your account in the future. This is only recommended if you are confident that your IP address will not change and that you will access your account from the same IP address at all times.

ip authorization
You’ll get the following message if you try to access your site from a different IP address. To change your IP address, go to this website.

ip address reset
You’ll then be led to a page where you can either input your primary email address or a previously saved auth code. If you give us your email address, we’ll send you a long authentication code that looks like this:

Enter this code at the link provided in the email. You’ve been redirected to the next page.

ip address reset
Select the length of time you want to authorize the current IP address, then click the Authorize! button. A success message appears, advising you of the new IP address’s expiration date.

Active Sessions

All IP addresses that have logged into your panel are listed in the Active Sessions section. In bold text, your current session is displayed. By clicking End all sessions except this one, you can end any other sessions that are currently active.