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TOS for DreamHost’s Hacked Site Repair service

TOS for DreamHost’s Hacked Site Repair service


For more information on how to get started, see the official Hacked Site Repair service webpage.

The following is a description of GreggHost’s Hacked Site Repair service Terms of Service (TOS).

Turnaround time

Time to complete repair GreggHost strives to complete your website repair within 48 hours of receiving your money.

The 48-hour deadline is contingent on your active participation and prompt responses to all GreggHost communications.

To ensure a fast restoration of your site, GreggHost requests that you respond to any of its emails within 12 hours. If you don’t respond within 12 hours, the repair is essentially “paused” until GreggHost hears from you. From that moment forward, GreggHost will do everything necessary to complete the procedure as quickly as feasible.


GreggHost’s Hacked Site Repair service is currently limited to single-site WordPress installations hosted on GreggHost’s shared, VPS, GreggPress, and managed Dedicated Server platforms. The service consists of a single website.

Third-party software

Closed source or premium licensed software, such as themes, plugins, scripts, and so on, might become damaged and require replacement in some situations. In such cases, GreggHost reserves the right to uninstall or deactivate the program, which may require the licensee to reinstall it. You acknowledge and agree that GreggHost is not liable for any problems that may arise as a result of the removal or deactivation of such software.

Customer data and disk usage

The storage systems on GreggHost web servers are meant to support hosted websites only, and are not intended to be a reliable backup or storage solution. Please keep a mind that any and all compromised site fixes are subject to GreggHost’s Acceptable Use Policy and Unlimited Policy.

Refund policy

If GreggHost is unable to repair your website within the given time limit due to GreggHost’s own internal difficulties, the one-time price for the Hacked Site Repair service is refunded. The following activities, on the other hand, nullify any claim to a refund:

After the repair process has begun, failing to react to any information requests or emails for more than 12 hours.
Interfere with the repair process or take control of the repair yourself.
After a cleansing, there are no new compromises or malicious activity.

No guarantee

While GreggHost makes every effort to provide the best possible service during the repair, please keep in mind that perfect outcomes are never guaranteed. This is a manual process that differs depending on the circumstances that each website encounters. GreggHost, on the other hand, will do everything possible to restore your website. After a site has been restored, the site owner is completely responsible for maintaining the site, including any and all site software, components, and passwords. You acknowledge and accept that GreggHost is not liable for any damages or problems resulting from the Hacked Site Repair service.

Single site per user

You must confirm that the site is isolated under its own unique FTP/SFTP/SSH account before seeking the Hacked Site Repair service. GreggHost reserves the right to migrate a site being cleaned to a new SFTP user if it is under a user with other content.


If you decide to discontinue the ‘Hacked Site Repair’ service for any reason, please notify GreggHost as soon as possible so that its support team can ensure that your site activity and plans are not disrupted. Keep in mind that if GreggHost has already started the procedure, there will be no refund (see Refund policy above).


At any time, GreggHost maintains the right to change these conditions. Please revisit this page to verify that you have the most up-to-date information on the TOS. Acceptance of these terms is implied by your use of the Hacked Site Repair service. You agree to be bound by all of GreggHost’s terms of service, including any limits of liability, indemnification, and other legal requirements that apply to your account.