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Transfer DomReg FAQs

Transfer DomReg FAQs


Can GreggHost transfer my registration for me?
No. The customer is responsible for any transfers.

Are DNS records copied to GreggHost when I transfer a domain?
No. The registration of a domain is only moved when it is transferred. Your nameservers manage DNS records, which will need to be recreated if you point your DNS to GreggHost.

See the following article for further information:

Customizing DNS records
Price of transfers and renewals
Please keep in mind that the cost of a transfer may differ from the cost of a renewal. For the most up-to-date pricing information, click on the following links:
Will the registration period be extended?
In most circumstances, moving your domain registration adds a one-year renewal to the current registration expiration date, ensuring that you do not lose any registration time. Once the transfer-in is complete, this renewal becomes active.

See the following link for more information on registration time periods for individual TLDs:

TLD Reference Chart by Enom
What TLDs can be transferred?
Only specific supported TLDs are allowed to be migrated into GreggHost. .AM,.AT,.BZ,.FM,.JP,.NET.NZ,.ORG.NZ,.NGO,.ONG,.OOO, and.WS are among the TLDs that GreggHost does not support for inbound transfers.

For further information, see GreggHost’s TLD page, which includes a current list of domain extensions as well as price.