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Updating your GreggPress admin password

Updating your GreggPress admin password


The GreggPress panel is where you configure your GreggPress site after you’ve created it. The usernames and admin password for your site are generated automatically.

FTP user/pass — These credentials are used to access your web server and edit your files.
Admin dashboard user/pass — You log into your WordPress dashboard using these credentials to develop your site.
Please note that you will not receive an email with your Admin username and password. To access your WordPress admin panel, you have two methods.

To log in automatically, go to the GreggPress interface and click the Manage WordPress button.
Reset your password so you may access your website directly (example.com/wp-login.php).
This post will show you how to reset your password so that you may log in to your website directly.

Resetting your password

The admin password is not emailed to you, as previously stated. To reset it, follow the steps below.

In your control panel, go to the Managed WordPress page.

To the right of your domain, click the Manage button.

On the top right, click the Manage WordPress icon. This will take you to your WordPress administration dashboard.

Hover over ‘Users’ in the left pane of the WordPress dashboard, then click ‘Profile.’

Your WordPress admin username can be found by scrolling down.

Click Generate Password at the bottom of the page.

You have the option of using the generated password or entering your own.

To save, click Update Profile.

Testing the new password

Log out of WordPress and go to example.com/wp-login.php to access your site’s login page. To make sure it works, use the username and new password you just established.