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Using the new Manage Websites page

Using the new Manage Websites page


Websites panel page is a related article.

On the Manage Websites page, there is a Manage button:

In Grid view, when you hover over your website, or in List view, when you hover over each line on the far right.
websites-v2-jun2020 49.fw.png
To access the Manage Websites page, click the Manage button (except for GreggPress and Remixer plans, which instead link to their own manage page).

This article discusses the following topics:

Upper display
Tabs for Websites and Hosting
Tab “DNS”
Display on the upper level
The upper display contains top-level information about your website, navigational tools, and two tabs (Website and Hosting) with more detailed information.

To return to the Websites page, click here (breadcrumbs)
To return to the Manage Websites page, click the Websites link at the top of the page:

websites-v2-jun2020 28.fw.png
Information on the hosting plan
At the top, you’ll see your website’s URL as well as the type of hosting plan you have:

websites-v2-jun2020 29.fw.png
To open the selected website, hover over the URL (an2020-02 panel websites 28.pngicon appears next to it) and click it. On hover, the webpage URL also turns blue.

Tabs for website, hosting, and DNS
The Website, Hosting, and DNS tabs on the Manage Websites page allow you to make more changes to your website:

To see various options and features, click a tab, which are discussed in the sections below.

Website tab
Some of the following features may not appear in your panel depending on the type of hosting plan you have and the features that are enabled (or deactivated) on it.

On your website’s Websites tab, you’ll see the following items.

Hosting should be added.
If you don’t have a hosting plan for your website, the following appears at the top:

websites-v2-jun2020 31.fw.png
Click the blue Add Hosting button to get to your site’s Manage Domains page.

Organize Your Website
The Manage Your Site box contains instructions for using your own third-party FTP client or GreggHost’s file manager to access your server files:

websites-v2-jun2020 32.fw.png
To examine the settings for your server, including the hostname, username, and password, as well as a link to the FTP Users & Files page, click the Show Login Info link.
To access the file manager, click the Manage option.
The following popup shows if WordPress is installed on your website:

websites-v2-jun2020 33.fw.png
To access your WordPress site’s wp-admin page, click the Manage option.
To uninstall WordPress, click the Uninstall WordPress link.
To acquire a migration key that will allow you to use GreggHost’s automated migration plugin, click the Get Key button.
If WordPress is not currently installed on your website, the following popup opens, allowing you to rapidly install WordPress by clicking the Install button:

websites-v2-jun2020 34.fw.png
The PHP box on your website indicates the current PHP version:

websites-v2-jun2020 35.fw.png
Click the Modify arrow to enlarge the box where you may make changes to your website’s PHP version.

This page displays the status of your domain registration (including the renewal date) as well as DNS records:

websites-v2-jun2020 36.fw.png
Security Indicates whether your domain has an SSL certificate and if DreamShield is enabled:

websites-v2-jun2020 37.fw.png
Email Displays the sort of email plan you have and how many email addresses you have on your domain:

websites-v2-jun2020 38.fw.png
Hosting tab
Some of the following descriptions may not appear in your panel depending on the type of hosting plan you have and the features that are enabled (or disabled) on it.

On your website’s Websites tab, you’ll see the following items.

Plan for Hosting
The current plan, billing date, server name, and a link to the Manage Account page where you can change your plan are all displayed:

websites-v2-jun2020 39.fw.png
The Hosting Status box appears if your website is set to redirect, mirror, park, or cloak, and it displays the current status:

websites-v2-jun2020 40.fw.png
Restore Files / Unique IP
You can add a unique IP address or restore your data by following these steps:

websites-v2-jun2020 41.fw.png
Non-Hosting Alternatives (Redirect, Park, DNS only, etc.)
For your domain, you can additionally set up DNS only, redirect, park, and other options:

websites-v2-jun2020 42.fw.png
Domain Delete
A domain can be deleted. For more information, see the article Deleting a Domain:

websites-v2-jun2020 43.fw.png
Tab “DNS”
To learn more about how to use the DNS tab to make changes to your website, read the following article:

DNS Configuration