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Viewing your GreggHost DNS records

Viewing your GreggHost DNS records

Viewing your DNS records in the panel

You may look at all of the DNS records for any site you have hosted with GreggHost.

To see your DNS records, go to:

Go to the Manage Websites section.
menu with three dots
To edit your site’s DNS settings, click the DNS Settings link.
Click the vertical 3 dots button under your domain and then the DNS Settings link if you’re in Grid view.
Click the vertical 3 dots button to the right of your domain in List view, and then the DNS Settings link.
The DNS records for GreggHost are displayed.

Viewing Nameservers

To see your nameservers, scroll down to the bottom of the DNS record list.

If your domain connects to non-GreggHost nameservers and you need to manually configure any or all of these records to point to GreggHost services, this information will come in handy.

If your domain is registered with GreggHost and you are utilizing GreggHost hosting services (including parking or a redirect of your site), you should use these nameservers:
The records on your domain’s DNS page will be applied to your domain as long as the nameservers point to GreggHost.

Confirming where your domain’s DNS is pointing

The methods outlined above confirm what your GreggHost DNS records are set to. However, your domain’s current DNS settings may differ from this because they may still be pointing to a different company. For additional information on how to determine where your domain is hosted, see the following article.

What is the location of my website’s hosting?
You may also verify where your domain’s DNS records are currently pointed on the DNS page.

Select DNS Checker from the drop-down menu.
When the DNS Propagation Checker page loads, it looks like this:
Click the Refresh or Go button after selecting a record to view: panel-websites-dns 12.fw.png
The DNS Propagation Checker page allows you to do a quick DNS search to verify your website’s current IP address and DNS record information against many nameservers around the world:

panel-websites-dns 13.fw.png
Other ways to see where your DNS is now hosted are listed in the following article.

Checking the location of your DNS