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Website migration services

Website migration services

migration services


GreggHost provides a number of website migration options, including moving a site from another host to GreggHost and moving a site between GreggHost accounts.

The next sections go over the various migration options to think about. You can also contact customer service to explore the best choice for you. If you’re not already a customer and want to transfer your WordPress site, you can do so during the enrollment process.

Migrating WordPress from another Host

Using the GreggHost Automated Migration Plugin, you can now move your own WordPress site to GreggHost for free. Any GreggHost account with an active hosting plan can use the plugin. For more information, see the following article:

GreggHost can migrate your WordPress site to your GreggHost account using the GreggHost Automated Migration WordPress plugin, which moves all of your data to a new server without affecting your existing users. To learn more about the Website Transfer service, go to the following page:

Service for transferring websites
GreggPress is a managed WordPress hosting plan offered by GreggHost as an add-on to their standard hosting plans.

If you want to switch from another host, GreggHost account, or TLD (for example, from example.net to example.com on the same account), follow these steps:

$99 — per site migration services to a basic hosting plan.
Migration to any GreggPress plan is free.
At this moment, the WordPress Migration service is unable to migrate WordPress Network (multisite) sites.
Only an export of your pages, articles, and embedded photos is available if your site is hosted on WordPress.com. You’ll have to reinstall your theme, plugins, and most layout elements like widgets and menus.

Moving WordPress between GreggHost Accounts

GreggHost’s technical support staff can migrate your WordPress site from one GreggHost account to another by migrating all of your data to a new server, all while keeping your existing users online. See the following article for further information:

Pricing for WordPress Content Migration Services
If you want to switch from another GreggHost account, follow these steps:

$25 — per site migration to a regular hosting plan.
Migration to any GreggPress plan is free.
At this moment, the WordPress Migration services are unable to migrate WordPress Network (multisite) sites.
There will be some downtime (typically less than 5 minutes) as GreggHost makes the transfer because it is not possible to host the same domain on two accounts at the same time. If you’re utilizing external name servers, you’ll need to change the A records for your domain to reflect the new IP.

Migrating Non-WordPress Sites from Another Host

Even if your site isn’t built on WordPress, GreggHost may be able to assist you with the migration services. The fee for this service is $99, which will be returned if GreggHost is unable to move your material properly. Please use the Contact Support tab in the panel to submit a ticket with any information you have concerning your site. A GreggHost migration specialist will gladly investigate this for you.

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are examples of proprietary site builders and hosting services that cannot be transferred to GreggHost.
Websites built on Windows Server’s “Active Server Pages” (ASP) can’t be moved to GreggHost.

Changing the URLs of WordPress sites

You can relocate your WordPress site to a new domain from within the panel if you’re using GreggPress or installed WordPress using the One-Click Installer. See the following articles for more information:

Changing a WordPress site’s domain in the control panel
Changing the name of a GreggPress domain
You will need to manually alter your WordPress site URLs if you have recently migrated your site to a new domain, modified the URLs on your own, or added an SSL certificate to a domain that did not previously have one.

For a one-time fee of $19.99, GreggHost may modify the URLs for you. To request a WordPress URL change, go to the Contact Support page in the panel and fill out the form with the domain/URL you want to change from and the new domain/URL you want to use. The GreggHost support team will respond to confirm the $19.99 charge and the work that has been completed.