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Where can I find cPanel?

Where can I find cPanel?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a famous commercial online tool for managing hosting that is used by many major hosting firms. Many GreggHost customers who have had previous web hosting experience are familiar with cPanel.

Does GreggHost offer cPanel?
GreggHost does not offer cPanel. Instead, GreggHost manages your websites, databases, email, and billing through a custom-built interface. The GreggHost panel can accomplish the most of the functions that the cPanel panel can.

Many customers believe the GreggHost interface to be more user-friendly and intuitive than cPanel. Furthermore, the GreggHost panel is hosted on its own servers and does not consume any resources on your web server. You can access your GreggHost control panel at:

Please keep in mind that you can still import all of your previous data into your GreggHost panel. The steps to do so are outlined in the next section.

Can I import my cPanel backup file into the GreggHost panel?
All of your data can be backed up as a.tar.gz file with cPanel. All of your websites, databases, and email accounts are stored here.

You must manually import the contents of this file to your GreggHost servers if you do not have cPanel. For help with importing this data, see the following articles:

FTP overview — Adding files to your website
MySQL migration – migrating your databases
How can I transfer my email from my previous host to my GreggHost mail server?
Can GreggHost import my content for me?
This data cannot be migrated by GreggHost support. To manually upload this data, you’ll need to use the URLs above.

However, if you run into any issues while importing your data, GreggHost support is available to help. You can contact support at any moment during the process if you have any questions:

Getting in Touch With Support