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Where do I upload my files once connected via FTP?

Where do I upload my files once connected via FTP?

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As a general site folder, example.com is used in this post. When login in, make sure to look for the name of your domain folder.

The root directory of your site is your domain’s folder.

This directory is referred to be the public html directory by other servers. At GreggHost, everything works the same way.

When you connect to your web server using FTP, your FTP client will most likely display two windows. The main screen of FileZilla is shown in the sample below:


Your home computer is in the left pane. The GreggHost server is displayed on the right pane.

You’ll see that you’re not yet listed in your website’s directory if you look to the right. This is because you’re in your USER’s home directory when you first log in. All files under your webserver’s username are stored here.

To work on your site, go to the website folder and click on it.

10 windows.fw.png Filezilla

The pane on the left
You must go to the folder on your computer that contains your files. You can upload files to the server or download files from the server from that directory.

The pane on the right
Your GreggHost web server can be found on the right. You should have already selected your website’s directory name.

The user is in their website directory, as seen in this example. Because the Remote site is set to /home/exampleuser/example.com, you can see this. Please note that this may or may not be referred to as a remote location by various clients. The fact that you’re in your user’s directory is the most crucial thing.

The files and folders within that directory can be seen in the window below that. Several WordPress files are shown in this sample.

Uploading files
You can right-click files or folders to upload or download them once both panes are configured to the correct directories.

Consider the following scenario:

Locate the file or folder you want to upload in the left pane (your computer).
Click it with the right mouse button.
Filezilla upload to server.png

Select ‘Upload’ from the pop-up menu. The file is then uploaded to the server. In the right pane, you may see the file right away. The file is now live on your website if the right pane is configured to your website directory.
Downloading files
To download a file or folder from the server, right-click it and select ‘Download.’

Filezilla download from server

Return to the user directory if you wish to download your full website. This is visible in the ‘Remote site’ field.
Next, right-click the example.com website folder.
Choose download from the pop-up menu. The entire folder, including all files, is subsequently downloaded to your computer.
A final note on the directory structure:
All of your user config files, Maildir, logs, and site directories are located in your user’s directory.
This is a directory where you will never upload your material.
When uploading site material, ensure sure you’re in the right directory. Consider the following scenario: