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Which WordPress Hosting Plan is the Best Fit?

Which WordPress Hosting Plan is the Best Fit?

WordPress Hosting Plan

Find Your Best-Fitted WordPress Hosting Plan

Are you unsure which of  WordPress hosting plans is ideal for you? Don’t worry; we’ll try to answer some of the most often-asked questions below to assist you in selecting the best plan from the start. Our sales team is always happy to help if you’re still unsure or have more questions.

How do WordPress Hosting Plans Work?

The number of WordPress installs allowed, storage, and PHP workers are all included in any of our hosting services. Our pricing page explains everything in detail. All plans, with the exception of Starter, offer multisite mode. In general, you should select the plan that best matches your resource footprint, but with some overhead.

For example, if your site received 80k visits last month and is rapidly expanding, choose a plan with at least 100k visits, as you’ll need some headroom. Every plan includes the following features:

Per site, there are 720 daily uptime checks.
Resource scaling is done automatically.
Setting up the stage
A free SSL certificate and a free CDN
DDoS protection is provided for free.
Website migration is completely free.
Support for HTTP/2
Support for SSH, WP-CLI, and Git Multisite (Excluding the Starter plan)
Cloudflare’s premium DNS service
PHP 7 and PHP 8 are two versions of PHP.
Free APM Tool
A thorough article on how Kinsta counts visits may be found here. We recommend that you read this because Google Analytics isn’t always the greatest approach to figure out how many people have visited your website.

Visits are hidden behind Cloudflare.
Visits can be found in AWStats (cPanel)
Disk Space
Check out our in-depth blog post on how to figure out how much disk space your existing WordPress site is using up.

Staging sites are removed from our reports when calculating your overall disk space usage to provide you as much space as feasible. Only live sites are taken into account when calculating your disk space use. We offer a disk space add-on for sites that require additional disk space above their plan limits, allowing you to increase your storage capacity without upgrading to the next plan tier.

Number of Installs
A set amount of installs are included in each WordPress hosting plan. A WordPress install consists of a WordPress site (files) and its MySQL database. This does not always imply that there are a large number of websites. If you’re running multisite, for example, you’re still using the same WordPress system and database. As a result, on our multisite-capable plans, you can run many websites.

Every installation also comes with a free staging area where you may test plugins, themes, and upgrades.

Additional articles about multisite configuration can be found here:

What distinguishes Kinsta as the best WordPress multisite hosting service?
The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide to WordPress Networks (WordPress Multisite)
How to Setup Domain Mapping in WordPress Multisite
PHP Workers
Each hosting package includes a set number of PHP workers. These limit the number of concurrent requests your site can handle at any given time. Simply described, a PHP Worker handles each uncached request for your website. We urge that you read our in-depth essay about PHP workers.

If you’re running an eCommerce, membership, or community site, you’re probably using a lot of resources and having a lot of material that can’t be cached. The number of PHP workers becomes critical at this point. Check out these WordPress membership site hosting dos and don’ts. We provide a high-performance dedicated server solution powered by Google Cloud Platform’s fastest servers for WordPress sites that require more PHP workers than what we give on our standard plans.

WordPress Upgrades
Kinsta does not force significant updates because large changes should be tested first before being implemented. In our staging environment, you may easily do so. Security patches (such as WordPress 4.7.1, 4.7.2, and others) are, on the other hand, applied automatically.

Payment Information
At Kinsta, we stand by our service. We are delighted to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and do not require long-term commitments.

One of the best features of Kinsta’s plans is that you can upgrade or downgrade at any time without incurring any fees. Behind the scenes, everything is automatically prorated. Do you have seasonal traffic or anticipate a spike in traffic? No issue, you can switch between plans in the MyKinsta dashboard with a press of a button.

Another incentive to upgrade when necessary is to avoid overages. Take a look at our overage rates.

For those who prefer annual billing, we accept all major credit cards and wire transfers. Take a look at our payment options. Customers in the European Union can easily enter their VAT number during checkout or at any time from the MyKinsta dashboard.

If you pay yearly, all of our programs include two free months. This can be an excellent approach to reduce your hosting costs. You can also get 15% discount if you’re a nonprofit or have an open source project!

Pricing for Nonprofits
Pricing for Open Source Software
We’re Here to Help
If you need assistance choosing the best plan, please contact our sales team and we’ll respond as quickly as possible with suggestions.

Once you’ve signed up for Kinsta, you’ll have access to our support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re never more than a mouse click away.

Save time, money, and improve site performance by using:

Expert WordPress hosting assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Integration with Cloudflare Enterprise.
With 29 data centers across the world, we can reach a global audience.
With our built-in Application Performance Monitoring, you can improve your performance.
All of this and more is included in a single plan that includes no long-term obligations, aided migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out our plans or speak with a sales representative to find the ideal plan for you.