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Wildcard DNS

Wildcard DNS


The name blog.example.com is an example of a normal DNS subdomain record. However, enabling Wildcard DNS when there isn’t a single record assigned may be necessary at times. It shows up as *.example.com rather than blog.example.com (or any other subdomain). Non-existing subdomain names are represented by the * character.

Simply simply, Wildcard DNS is used to create DNS records for non-existent subdomains.

Wildcard DNS and wildcard SSL certificates are two different things. A Wildcard SSL certificate can’t be used with GreggHost right now. For further information, read the article linked below.

Wildcard certificates are a type of SSL certificate that can be used for a variety of purposes.

How can I use a Wildcard DNS at GreggHost ?

For domains that are only hosted on a GreggHost VPS or Dedicated Server, you can use Wildcard DNS. This is due to the high resource demand (and potential abuse) that comes with installing software that uses Wildcard DNS to function (i.e., WordPress Multi-User, or WPMU, and others).

In rare circumstances, GreggHost may put this up for a client. Before requesting this, please ensure that it is something you definitely require and that the domain in question is currently hosted on a VPS or Dedicated Server. Make sure you understand the technical consequences of using a wildcard DNS entry on your domain.

Unmanaged option using GreggCompute

The parameters listed above are only applicable to GreggHost-managed VPS and Dedicated Servers. GreggCompute, GreggHost’s cloud computing solution, also allows you to set up a cloud server.

When you create a GreggCompute instance, you have complete control over the server and may install everything you want.

You may then add a wildcard DNS entry in your GreggHost panel after pointing your website to your GreggCompute instance. You must log into your GreggCompute instance to make any extra configurations.

Please note, however, that technical support will not be able to help you with any cloud server customizations. If you pick this option, you must be prepared to install all software as well as handle any problems that may emerge.

If you require assistance,
Submit a support ticket on the Contact Support page if you require Wildcard DNS setup for your domain.