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WinSCP — Changing your preferences

WinSCP — Changing your preferences


You can change a number of settings to make WinSCP more user-friendly. Click the gear icon beneath the Options tab to open Preferences:

WinSCP.png (WinSCP.png) (WinSCP.png
Using the Commander interface
The ‘Commander’ interface has been utilized in all of the examples. This is suggested since it appears and functions similarly to any other graphical FTP client, making it very intuitive and simple to use. You can, however, utilize the ‘Explorer’ interface if you want.

Under the Options menu, click the gear symbol.
The Preferences dialog box appears, with the following options:
WinSCP.png (WinSCP.png) (WinSCP.png
Choose ‘Interface’ from the ‘Environment’ category (on the left, within the list of preferences).
You have the choice of using the ‘Commander’ or ‘Explorer’ interfaces.
If you switch between interfaces, you won’t see the difference until you restart WinSCP.
Setting the maximum number of transfers at the same time
Select ‘Background’ from the ‘Transfer’ category.
WinSCP.png (WinSCP.png) (WinSCP.png
Choose a value to the right of ‘Maximal number of transfers at the same time.’ This is set to 4 in the example above.
Setting timeout values
Select ‘Endurance’ from the ‘Transfer’ category.
WinSCP.png (WinSCP.png) (WinSCP.png
Examine each option and adjust as needed for the time intervals displayed.