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WinSCP — How to run shell commands

WinSCP — How to run shell commands


WinSCP has a capability that allows you to run shell/SSH commands.

Your user must be a SHELL user in order to use this feature. The user has been set up as an SFTP user in this post. Visit the following article for instructions on how to change your user to a SHELL user:

Activating Shell Access
Commands that need terminal emulation or user input are not supported by WinSCP. If you need a full-featured terminal, PuTTY might be a better choice.

Running a Shell command
From the top menu, select the Commands tab.
24 WinSCP.png
Select Open Terminal from the Commands dropdown menu.
After selecting this, the following window appears:
WinSCP.png (25 KB)
To continue, click the OK button.
The following window appears after that.
WinSCP.png (26 KB)
You’ll be able to run shell/SSH commands on your remote server now.
In the ‘Enter command’ text area, type shell/SSH commands.
To run the command, click the Execute button.