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WinSCP — Uploading to your server

WinSCP — Uploading to your server


WinSCP is a free (Windows) tool that allows you to connect to remote computers and transfer data. When connecting, this tutorial uses the SFTP protocol because it is always recommended. FTP is a viable option, but it is unsecure and obsolete, thus it is not advised.

For further information on how to install this software, see the following article:
Navigating within WinSCP
How to install WinSCP and how to use WinSCP
You’ll see this window after you’ve properly connected:

WinSCP.png 12
The disks, directories, and files on your local computer are displayed in the left-hand window.
The remote server’s directories and files are displayed in the right-hand pane.
Any of the directories can be expanded by double-clicking on them. Typically, directories are listed first, followed by files (but you can change the sort order if you like). To get to the parent directory, double-click the top folder (with the up-turned arrow). You can also navigate between directories by using the drop-down menus above.

You may now drag and drop directories and/or files between panels to upload and download stuff.

The type of encryption you’re using for this connection is shown by the lock icon in the lower right hand corner:

For further information, you can click on that icon.

Uploading data
To upload a file to your server, drag it from the left window to the right, as seen above.

An ‘Upload’ dialog box opens once you drag a file over to upload:
WinSCP.PNG is a PNG file that was created by WinSCP.
Review the details to be sure you’re uploading the right file, and then click the OK button to continue.

You can continue working while the transfer is running in the background if you check the Transfer in background checkbox. Otherwise, the dialog box displaying the actual transfer progress will appear in the forefront.