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GreggHost DomReg FAQs

GreggHost DomReg FAQs

purchase a domain

Can I purchase a domain through GreggHost?

A domain registration can be purchased through the Registrations section of your GreggHost account panel or through one of the many domain registrars that are available. However, managing everything from a single account is more convenient. If you have hosting with GreggHost, it will be easier to manage your domain registrations there as well.

Other benefits of registering a name with GreggHost include:

A credit card can be used to make the purchase a domain  using your account panel.
Domains are registered within 15 minutes of completing the purchase form, making it a quick and simple process.
The purchase of your domain name is free with an annual Shared Starter, Shared, or GreggPress hosting plan (for the first year). However, this only applies to a few domains.
The maximum length of a domain name is 67 characters.
Through the panel, you may make changes to your domain registration and manage it.
This function is free for domains that enable privacy protection, however many registrars charge a substantial premium for this feature.

Why would I want to get a domain from GreggHost?

That is an excellent question. Every domain registrar out there is essentially delivering the same thing. The core domain registration service provided by each registrar is virtually same.

So, how do registrars differ from one another? Is there anything that distinguishes one from the other?

Below are some key aspects that various registrars have control over, as well as how GreggHost compares on each, which you should consider:

WHOIS privacy is available for free.
To make your WHOIS information private, the majority of registrars charge an extra price. This service is provided free of charge by GreggHost.
Customers are charged a price per domain, per year.
There is no minimum commitment and prices are set in the middle of the price scale. The following is a link to the current list of TLD prices:
Domain price at GreggHost
Domain Registration Policies at GreggHost
Many places that offer lower costs demand bulk purchases or additional services to be purchased in addition to registration.
Customers can use this interface to register, change, transfer, renew, pay for, and manage their domain registrations in general.
GreggHost takes pride in making all parts of domain registration simple and straightforward, as well as fully automated and accessible at any time directly from your GreggHost control panel.
The interface’s stability, speed, and security
GreggHost’s signup interface is based on the same principles as GreggHost‘s web hosting service, which began in 1996. GreggHost is responsible for the uptime of over one million websites on a daily basis. This system is kept up and running at breakneck speed by over 4500 Linux servers. System administrators take a proactive approach to security, ensuring that all client and internal data is fully backed up and recoverable in the event of a catastrophic failure.
The quality of service delivered to the client
GreggHost provides excellent customer service and has been recognized by third parties for superior performance on multiple occasions. PCMag, for example, has awarded GreggHost with their “Business Choice Award.”
You must agree to the domain registration agreement.
You may read the GreggHost Domain Registration Terms of Agreement on the internet.

Does GreggHost offer any free registrations?

GreggHost gives a free credit for a few selected domains when you join up for a Shared web hosting plan. For additional information, see the article on Free Registration.

You must sign up for a 1-year or 3-year annual plan on a Shared Starter, Shared Unlimited, or any annual GreggPress plan to qualify for one free domain registration credit for the first full year (monthly Shared or monthly GreggPress plans do not apply). Any other hosting package does not include this free credit.

Within the first month of your annual Shared/GreggPress plan, you must also use the free registration. If you do not utilize the free registration during the first month, it will be removed from your account.

Please see the following pages for more information:

Terms and Conditions of Domain Registration
Become a member of the Shared Hosting Program.

Can I register multiple domains at the same time?

Yes. In a single sign up process, GreggHost allows you to register several domain names such as,, and

More information on how to register numerous domains may be found in the following article:

Is it possible to buy numerous domains at once?
How can I find out if the domain I want is still available?
On the Registrations tab of your panel, you may see if the domain you desire is available:

2018-05 panel domreg.png
Click the Search button after entering your preferred domain name in the box.
Your control panel checks to determine if the domain you want to register is now accessible.
If you don’t already have a GreggHost account, you can check domain availability at:

How can I view my list of registered domains?

Simply go to the Registrations page to see a list of your registered domains.

This page’s bottom section lists any domains you’ve registered with GreggHost.

Can I make any modifications to my registered domains?
Yes. In the panel, you can make adjustments to your registered domains such as privacy settings, nameservers, WHOIS information, and more. Any changes you make to the domain take effect instantly.

What types of domains can I register at GreggHost?
The,.net,.org, domains, as well as hundreds of additional unique domain extensions, are currently available from GreggHost. To find a list of domain extensions that GreggHost supports and their cost, go to the following link:
If you do not yet have a GreggHost account, you can check domain availability and pricing by going to:
Does GreggHost support premium domain registrations?
Premium domain names are short, easy-to-remember names that have the potential to improve website traffic. These names are already registered, however they are available for purchase  a domain at a premium. A few examples are as follows: \
Unfortunately, at this moment, GreggHost does not sell premium domain registrations. You’ll need to register a premium domain directly with Enom or another registrar that sells them if you want to buy one.

You may then host the site on your GreggHost account like any other domain after acquiring the domain registration.

Is there anything I should know BEFORE I have GreggHost register my domain?
GreggHost requires a major credit card for domain registration. The domain registration can also be purchased with account credit balances.
GreggHost has a very short window in which you can delete recently purchased a domain domains. Make certain that you want to buy the domain name in question and that it is spelled correctly. The domain name cannot be deleted and refunded after the deletion window has closed. This deletion window is open for most TLDs for up to 5 days. If you want to delete a newly purchased registration, contact assistance.
Having your own website requires more than just registering a domain name. You’ll also need a hosting plan (to host the site) and the contents of the site uploaded to your server.