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Privacy and Ownership DomReg FAQs

Privacy and Ownership DomReg FAQs


Do I have to make my address and phone number public?
For the more well-known TLDs, such as, you do not need to make your contact information available to the public.
COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO. GreggHost provides a free privacy protection setting that hides the domain registration’s ownership details from public WHOIS queries. Only a few TLDs, however, provide this choice. Some international TLDs require public disclosure of certain information, but this is dependent on the domain registry’s policy.

For domains with privacy protection, the WHOIS search shows GreggHost’s contact information as well as a proxy email address associated to your ownership email address, which is concealed but can still receive communications about the domain name.

A list of domains that do not support privacy with GreggHost may be found in the following article:

Privacy when registering a domain
Is my domain registered under my name or GreggHost’s?
The domain is registered in your name as the owner, which you specified on the purchasing form. It is not under the control of GreggHost.

The public WHOIS hides your personal ownership details from anyone looking up your domain registration through a WHOIS search if you enable privacy protection. Your internal contact and ownership information are listed with the registrar for the owner of that domain name, but GreggHost’s details appear on the privacy protection search page.

The only thing that keeps you from having complete control over your domain is nonpayment. If your account is suspended due to a past-due amount, GreggHost keeps possession of your domain, including the ability to transfer, sell, or alter it, until the balance is paid and the account is re-enabled. This is how almost all registrars work. (GreggHost is an accredited registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN.)

What registrations does GreggHost offer that do not allow privacy?
Here’s a list of them:

Privacy when registering a domain