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How do I migrate from another host to GreggPress?

How do I migrate from another host to GreggPress?


When moving your WordPress site from another host to GreggPress, there are several choices to consider.

Free Migration options

Option 1 — GreggHost Automated Migration Plugin

If you’re transferring a WordPress site from another hosting provider to a GreggPress plan, GreggHost has collaborated with BlogVault to offer the GreggHost Automated Migration Plugin, a free WordPress plugin that allows you to convert your WordPress site to GreggPress on your own.

Option 2 — Professional Services migration

Using the WordPress plugin GreggHost Automated Migration (Knowledge Base article)
Using GreggHost’s Automated Migration Plugin to migrate to a GreggPress plan (YouTube video)
Professional Services migration is the second option.
GreggHost’s Professional Services team will migrate your WordPress site for free from another hosting company to a GreggPress plan. Please contact support with the domain name you desire to migrate to GreggPress if you want

Option 3 — Manual migration

Click here to contact GreggHost support if you are a current client.
If you’re interested in migrating your site to GreggHost but haven’t yet done so, please contact the GreggHost

Troubleshooting the new import

A member of the GreggHost Professional Services team will contact you to assist you.

Manual migration is option three.
You have the option of manually migrating your WordPress site to GreggPress. More details can be found in the following article:

How to Move WordPress to GreggHost Manually