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How do I redeem my domain registration?

How do I redeem my domain registration?



Any change to the registrant’s name, organization, or email address, as defined by ICANN’s Transfer Policy, will lock the domain for 60 days and send notification emails to the old and new registrants informing them of the change.

For further information, please see the following article:

Transfer Policy of ICANN
When a domain name expires, most TLDs offer a 30-day renewal grace period (RGP) during which you can renew it at the usual price. When the grace period expires, the domain is placed into a 30-day redemption period with the current registrar that granted GreggHost the domain licensing.

When a domain enters the redemption period, the following summarizes what happens and what to do.

What happens to a domain when it expires?

When a domain registration expires, there are three time periods that occur in order:

Renewal Grace Period (RGP) – the domain can be renewed for a period of 30 days after it expires at the renewal price.
Redemption time — During the next 30-day “redemption” period, the domain can be redeemed for a charge. For more information, see the sections below.
The domain then goes into a “pendingDelete” period, during which the registry will soon release the domain for registration as a new domain.
It is not possible to redeem a domain once it has reached the end of its deletion period (pendingDelete). For most TLDs, this is usually 30 days, however it might vary depending on the registry (not GreggHost).

A domain can be registered as a new domain after it has been released. However, because this is outside GreggHost’s control, there is no guarantee that the domain will be released within a specific time frame.

If you have any issues about the status of a domain during one of the above-mentioned expiration dates, please contact support.

How does the redemption period work?

For most TLDs, the redemption period lasts another 30 days. You have one more chance to redeem the domain name during this time, but the registrar will charge you an extra price to conduct the redemption.

If you still want to retrieve the domain at this point, you must pay the registrar’s redemption fee. Please see the Domain Registration Terms page for more information on the redemption cost table. After that, you must pay the normal annual registration fee.

How do I redeem a domain when it’s in the redemption period?

To redeem a domain name during the redemption period, go to your account panel’s Registrations page and click the ‘Redeem this domain!’ button. Before you can finish this process, you must first pay the redemption fee.

The redemption will take some time to complete. Allow up to 30 minutes, and if the domain is not redeemed and renewed during that period, please contact GreggHost support via your panel at Contact Support for assistance.

Are there any domains that don’t have a redemption period?

Yes. As a result, the following TLDs do not have a redemption (RGP) mechanism and hence cannot be redeemed:

.am \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \