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How much does an SSL certificate cost?

How much does an SSL certificate cost?


In your GreggHost panel, you can add two types of certificates:

Sectigo certificate Paid ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificate
The distinctions between these are discussed further down.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides free SSL certificates that are just as secure as existing paid certificates. However, for eCommerce sites, a purchased certificate is still suggested because ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificates do not have ‘Organizational Validation.’ This project was started with the goal of making encrypted connections the standard on the Internet.

For more information, see the following articles:

Overview of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

Paid Professionally-signed certificate ($15/year)

Sectigo is listed as the certificate authority on any Comodo certificate issued after January 2019, while Comodo is listed on any certificate issued before that date. Both names are used to refer to the same business.

A self-signed certificate, as previously stated, causes a browser warning while visiting the site. A premium Sectigo certificate is highly recommended if you have a customer-facing site, or, more critically, a site that handles sensitive information like passwords and credit card data.

Paid certificates have no browser warnings and include additional information to confirm the certificate’s legitimacy. These certificates, for example, feature Organizational Validation (OV), which provides your users with additional assurance that the certificate was issued to a reputable business.

View the following article if you want to buy a professionally signed certificate.

How can I get an SSL certificate that is signed by a professional?

Unique IP

The usage of an SSL certificate does not need the use of a unique IP address. However, if you want to use an eCommerce application, adding a Unique IP address is highly recommended to ensure optimal compatibility with outdated Internet browsers.

Take a look at the Unique IP address article for more information (including methods for assigning one to your domain).