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Logging into your GreggPress site via SSH

Logging into your GreggPress site via SSH


GreggPress websites are WordPress sites that are maintained and produced by a single person. This user was created as an SFTP user, however you must first change it to a Shell user before you can log into your GreggPress website. This article will guide you through the steps.

Step 1 — Confirm your user is a Shell user

SSH users are automatically generated for GreggPress users. To verify that your current GreggPress user is set to a Shell user, follow the steps below.

Go to the Users & Files section of your FTP account.
drop-down menu for user information
Search for the relevant user and website under the ‘GreggPress’ banner. Select Show Info from the dropdown on the right.
ssh is turned on
The Protocol should already be SSH, as you can see. If not, go to ‘Access Settings’ and make the necessary changes.
drop-down menu for user information
SSH should be selected from the Protocol option.
Allow a few minutes for the change to take effect after you’ve made the modification. The following move is therefore yours to take.

Step 2 — Locating your credentials

Go to the Managed WordPress page by clicking on the Managed WordPress link.
Select the Manage option to the right of your domain.
FTP credentials should be displayed.
A ‘File Upload’ option is located on the bottom left. Toggle the switch next to ‘Show Credentials’ under the Manage Files button. SSH credentials for GreggPress are shown.

Step 3 — Logging into your server via SSH

You can log into your user through SSH now that it is a Shell user.

Opening up a terminal application

A terminal is a program that allows you to type commands in Shell. On any operating system, you can use one of multiple terminal clients (applications). The simplest options for Windows, Mac, and Linux are described in the following article:

Software for using SSH

Logging in

Open a terminal to see a blank screen once you’ve chosen one. To log into your server, type a command here.

To log in, type’ssh,’ then your Shell username, a @ symbol, then your website address. As an illustration:

[email protected] $ ssh [local]
Your Shell user’s password is then requested. You will be logged in after entering this.

Resetting your password

On the FTP Users & Files page, you can change your user’s password if you’ve forgotten it.

Go to the Users & Files section of your FTP account.
drop-down menu for user information
To the right of your username, select the Show Info option.
Password is reset
Reset Password is a button that you can click.
Wait at least 5 minutes for the changes to take effect before attempting to log in.