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Setting your domain to ‘DNS Only’

Setting your domain to ‘DNS Only’


This article will show you how to delete your domain’s default Non-Editable DNS records.

When your domain is ‘Fully Hosted,’ it is assigned to numerous GreggHost IP addresses (A records) that regulate where your site is hosted. Your site is hosted on GreggHost’s servers if your nameservers point to GreggHost and your site is ‘Fully Hosted.’

If your site’s nameservers link to GreggHost, but you don’t want to host it there, you’ll need to remove hosting, which will delete these IP addresses. Setting the site to ‘DNS only’ disables hosting as well as the A records for your site. You can then use custom DNS records to point your site to a different hosting provider.

Only the principal domain name, such as ‘,’ will function. Subdomains such as ‘’ are not supported. You must add custom DNS records to the primary domain for subdomains, as explained below.

Changing a hosted domain to ‘DNS Only’

Go to the Websites page and select Manage Websites.
Hover over the domain you wish to update and click the Manage button that appears on the panel.
On the following screen, select the Hosting tab.
only put dns on panel
Set to DNS Only under the Non-Hosting Options section.
When the Set to DNS Only button appears, click it.

To confirm the option, click the red Yes, Remove button that appears.
Secure hosting should be removed.
If you’ve added an SSL certificate to your domain, you’ll need to delete it before you can erase your DNS records. Instructions on how to achieve this can be found in the following article:

How can I get rid of an SSL certificate?
What DNS records have been deleted?
When you set a domain to ‘DNS only,’ the following DNS A entries are removed:

non-www www is a record. A new ssh record has been set. A new ftp record has been set. a track record
There are a few things to keep in mind about these changes:

Setting the domain to ‘DNS Only’ does not destroy any hosted files (except on GreggPress plans) or any Custom DNS records you’ve set up previously. To recreate your DNS records for the domain, change the domain to ‘Fully Hosted’ once more.
Keep in mind that this only impacts your web hosting service; other services such as email remain unaffected (this assumes you already have an active hosting plan on your account). You can purchase a Paid email plan if you have deleted your hosting plan but still wish to host email with GreggHost.
Furthermore, these modifications can only be made to the parent domain; subdomains cannot be switched to DNS Only.

You don’t need a hosting package if this is your sole domain on your account and it’s set to DNS only. If you want to host a name and its content on GreggHost servers, you’ll need a hosting plan.

What to do after the DNS records are removed?

You can add custom DNS records to point your site to wherever you want after the domain is set to ‘DNS Only.’

Adding hosting to a ‘DNS Only’ domain

If you want to host a ‘DNS Only’ domain again, go to the Manage Websites page and click the Manage option for your domain. On the next screen, you can choose your domain’s hosting options.

For additional information on how to administer an existing domain, see the following article:

Using the new Websites Management page