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Using Gregg Objects with GreggPress.

Using Gregg Objects with GreggPress.


The Gregg Objects Backups plugin is pre-installed with your GreggPress WordPress installation. The Gregg Objects Backups plugin in WordPress allows you to store your site’s data in Gregg Objects, which is GreggHost’s cloud-based storage solution.

Because backing up your WordPress data on a regular basis is always a good practice, you can use GreggObjects Backups to save your data automatically. You’ll also get a free 60-day trial of GreggObjects Backups.

To utilize the GreggObjects Backups plugin, you must first create a user and a bucket in GreggObjects. Please review the What do I need to utilize GreggObjects? section in the following article for assistance in creating a user and a bucket:

What is GreggObjects and how does it work?
The following steps will walk you through activating and using the GreggObjects Backups plugin in WordPress in three easy steps.

Step 1 — Activating the Gregg Objects Backups plugin

To use the plugin, follow these steps:

In the left pane of your WordPress site’s WP-Admin panel, click ‘Plugins > Installed Plugins.’
The Plugins page appears, displaying all of the plugins accessible for your site:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 01.fw.png
Under the GreggObjects Backups plugins, click the Activate link.
GreggObjects shows in the left pane after you click the Activate link:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 02.fw.png
Go to the next phase by clicking the GreggObjects link in the left pane. The GreggObjects Backups page appears, inviting you to enter your GreggObjects user’s Access Keys.

Step 2 — Finding your Dream Objects Access Keys

You must first create a user and a bucket in the panel before using the GreggObjects Backups plugin. After you’ve done that, you can get your Gregg Objects keys by following the steps below:

In the GreggHost panel, go to the GreggObjects tab.
The Manage Users page for GreggObjects appears: 2018-10 wp-admin dp do 03.fw.png
Copy BOTH of the following keys after clicking the username you want to use:
Key to gaining access (alphanumeric number shown on the left)
Secret Key (presented on the right as an alphanumeric number; click ‘Show Secret Key’ to reveal it)
Return to WP-GreggObjects Admin’s Backups home page and continue to the next step.

Step 3 — Configuring GreggObjects Backups in WordPress

Use the instructions below to finish configuring the GreggObjects Backups plugin after getting your GreggObjects keys from the GreggHost panel:

Open your WordPress site’s WP-Admin panel and click ‘GreggObjects’ in the left pane.
When you go to the GreggObjects Backups setup page, you’ll be asked to enter your GreggObjects Access Keys:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 04.fw.png
Enter the following keys under Access Keys that you got from the previous section:
Key to the Secret Key
Click the Save Changes button once you’ve completed entering your access keys.
The plugin has successfully linked to your GreggObjects user, as seen by the following page:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 05.fw.png
In the left pane, select ‘GreggObjects > Backups.’
The GreggObjects Configuration page appears:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 06.fw.png
Click the Update Options button after selecting a bucket from the ‘Bucket Name‘ drop-down menu.
The Settings page confirms the bucket and displays more options for you to choose from:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 07.fw.png
Choose the options for your backups that you want to enable:
What Should You Back Up?
Notification of Backup Retention Status on a Schedule
When you’re finished, click Update Options.
The status of recent backups is displayed at the bottom of the GreggObjects Backup Settings page:
2018-10 wp-admin dp dho 08.fw.png
If you want to make an immediate backup of your WordPress site, click the Backup ASAP button.
To back up your WordPress site, the GreggObjects Backups plugin is configured and ready to use.

What’s next?

GreggHost will charge you for GreggObjects storage after your free trial has ended. GreggObjects currently charges 2.5/GB of storage per month. It costs $5 per GB per month to download and recover a backup from GreggObjects. This is a low-cost storage option for storing backup data on a server other than your GreggPress account.