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What GreggHost DNS records do I point my site to?

What GreggHost DNS records do I point my site to?


The firm where your domain’s nameservers are pointing is in charge of your site’s DNS.

Overview of Nameservers
To begin, you first determine where your site is now hosted.

What is the location of my website’s hosting?
You can then modify where it’s hosted by changing the nameservers or A records on your site. These are the two sorts of DNS records that determine the location of your website.

A records for nameservers
Nameservers are your domain’s primary DNS records. They have complete control over all of your other DNS records.

All of your DNS is hosted at GreggHost if your nameservers are pointing there. To make DNS adjustments if they’re directed to another firm, you’ll need to log into that company’s admin panel.

A Collection of Records
If your domain’s nameservers point to another company, only that company has control of your DNS, as previously stated. If you want to point your website to GreggHost and have it hosted on their servers, all you have to do is enter into their admin panel and alter your domain’s A records.

Both possibilities are explained in this article.

What nameservers can I point my site to?

Please keep in mind that if you change your nameservers at your existing host, ALL of your DNS records will be redirected to GreggHost. This implies that any custom DNS records you may have set up on your current host will no longer be utilised. Any custom DNS entries in your GreggHost panel must be recreated.

You’ll need to establish custom DNS records in your GreggHost panel to point back to your former host if you want to keep using a certain service from your old host (like email). You’ll need to contact your old host to find out what DNS records you’ll require.

This is only necessary if your domain has special DNS entries or if you want to keep hosting a specific service at the former firm.

Before directing your nameservers, double-check that any custom records are configured at GreggHost.

It’s advised that you point your nameservers to GreggHost if you don’t need to keep them pointed to your existing host. All of your DNS records will now point to GreggHost.

To do so, go to your registrar’s website or the website of the service provider with whom you registered your domain. If you’re unsure who registered your domain, you can usually find out by going to Whois.net and typing your domain name into the search bar.

A list of articles on how to update your DNS at common registrars may be found in the following article:

How can I update my existing host’s nameservers?
Change the nameserver settings for your domain in your registrar’s control panel (it might be the same as your web host, but it doesn’t have to be) to:

ns2.dreamhost.com \sns3.dreamhost.com
It can take up to 72 hours for the modification to take effect, although it usually happens much sooner. You can check the status of your DNS update using the following links:

whatsmydns.net – A well-known website that verifies DNS records all around the world.
Using GreggHost’s DNS propagation checker in the panel to view your GreggHost DNS entries.
Only the nameserver URL, not the IP address, should be entered. The IP addresses are mentioned above in case your registrar requests them.

What A records do I point my site to?

You can use any registrar to manage your domain registration and nameservers while still hosting your site with GreggHost. This is only required if you want to keep some services (such as email) with another firm while hosting your site with GreggHost.

Please be aware that owing to a server relocation, the IP address may change. If GreggHost needs to transfer your server to a new IP address in the future, you will be alerted through email.

You must update your site’s IP address to the new IP address stated in the email you got to guarantee that it continues up and running without interruption.

Although this is a rare occurrence, it is something to be mindful of when employing A records.

Check your nameservers to verify if they are currently pointing to this site:

You’ll need to configure A records at that firm to link to your GreggHost site if they’re pointed to another company.

In the panel, go to the Manage Websites page.
To access your records, go to the Manage Websites page and click the DNS tab for the website.
Please keep in mind that the records listed below are only examples. Your DNS records will be unique to you. More information on DNS may be found in the following article:

panel-websites-dns-email-values 01.1.fw.png GreggHost DNS overview
The “A” type record (displayed as an IPv4 address) should be copied into the non-GreggHost provider’s DNS settings.
The site A records in the example above would be The www and non-www versions of the site URL have the same IP address. Use the IP address for any other service that is mentioned in the same manner.
For particular information on setting up such records with the non-GreggHost DNS provider, contact them.

Allow up to 6 hours for the DNS to update online once you’ve created those A records at your present host. Your website will then point to GreggHost.