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Does GreggHosting Offer Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Server Hosting?

Does GreggHosting Offer Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Server Hosting?


Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server Hosting

None of the usual hosting categories apply to our WordPress hosting platform. Unlike traditional shared, VPS, or dedicated infrastructure, our entire infrastructure is built on Google Cloud and Cloudflare.

Every site on our platform runs in its own isolated software container, which includes all of the software resources needed to run the site (Linux, NGINX, PHP, MySQL). This implies that the software that operates each site is completely secret, even amongst your own sites. For our infrastructure, we employ Linux containers as the underlying container technology.

The hosting architecture of GreggHosting.
Each site container is secured by our free Cloudflare integration and runs on a large virtual machine in one of several Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data centers.

By default, each live site container on our standard plans includes 12 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM. On our regular plans, each staging environment contains 1 CPU and 8 GB of RAM.

Everything is connected via the Google Cloud Platform’s “premium tier” network, which is extremely dependable. This is intended to reduce distance and hops, resulting in faster and more secure global data delivery.

Read Why us – how GreggHosting is different to discover more about how GreggHosting differs from other hosts.

Save time, money, and improve site performance by using:

Expert WordPress hosting assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Integration with Cloudflare Enterprise.
With 29 data centers across the world, we can reach a global audience.
With our built-in Application Performance Monitoring, you can improve your performance.
All of this and more is included in a single plan that includes no long-term obligations, aided migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out our plans or speak with a sales representative to find the ideal plan for you.