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How do I add GreggPress to a new domain?

How do I add GreggPress to a new domain?


The steps to add GreggPress to a new GreggHost domain are outlined below. Instead, if you currently have a WordPress One-Click Install and want to upgrade, go to this article:

How can I make a GreggPress update on a WordPress site?

Installing GreggPress

To get started, go to the Managed WordPress page.
The following is the main GreggPress page:
press the start button
To get started, click the Get Started button.
You’ll be taken to the ‘Add a GreggPress’ page, where you may select which domain to use:
2018-10 panel Greggpress add 02.fw.png
Choose one of the following options:
GreggPress cannot be installed on subdomains of

Domains on Account — From the drop-down menu, choose a GreggHost-hosted domain. If you want to add GreggPress to an existing domain in your GreggHost panel, select this option.
Add New Name — There are two ways to set up a domain that isn’t already hosted at GreggHost:
2018-10 panel dreampress add 07.fw.png
Add a domain name that isn’t hosted on GreggHost — Enter a domain name that isn’t hosted on GreggHost. When you’re finished, click the button.
2018-10 panel dreampress add 03.fw.png
To begin, setup your site on a temporary domain — Enter a staging name, and a new staging website with the will be created. Create a new GreggPress site called if your site was This is a free subdomain that you can use to build your GreggPress site before deciding on a permanent domain name.
Scroll down to the Term section once you’ve chosen a domain:
2018-10 panel dreampress add 04.fw.png
Choose between a ‘Annually’ or a ‘Monthly’ payment schedule.
Scroll down to the Plan section, where you can see all of the GreggPress features and price options (GreggPress, Plus, and Pro). If you choose Plus, you’ll be asked to choose a ‘Disk Size’ (60 GB or 80 GB):
2018-10 panel dreampress add 05.fw.png
Choose a plan type.
Your choices are summarized in the right-hand ‘Your Purchase’ box:
2018-10 panel dreampress add 06.fw.png
Click the Add New GreggPress button when you’re done.
A success notification appears on your dashboard page when you add GreggPress, verifying that GreggPress has been added to your domain.

Viewing your GreggPress plan

View the following article for instructions on how to view your plan details if you have at least one domain on GreggPress:

Getting a look at your GreggPress plan